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No internet today.

Tomorrow, surely.

Is this thing on?

I’ve never made a personal post on this blog before, but I figured I’d say something.


I made this blog primarily for myself (and yes of course, for glory), but it’s great to see all these followers and notes. I’m nearing on 100 followers now, which, I dunno, for me seems pretty big. I oughtta do something special for that.

I feel a little guilty tho cause I haven’t even posted anything in like two weeks. Which is because I’ve been moving. But I’m done moving, and I’ll be getting internet on Monday, so I’ll try to make up for it.

Again, sorry for being lazy, but appreciation to all my followers, and those who reblog. You guys are the best.

Also: Have you seen all the corocoro stuff out right now? Jeez. So much hype right now. Check Serebii if you don’t know what I’m saying.

Okay, that’s all. See you Monday, then.


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Now he’s just cruel.


Now he’s just cruel.

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